Big Brother 24: Why was Marvin Achi replaced? Was it due to AGT?

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Tonight, Big Brother 24 made their first stunning announcement of the season. Marvin Achi is no longer a part of the cast, mere hours after it being announced.

Suffice it to say, we didn’t expect this big of a shocker before the season. Marvin has been replaced by Joseph Abdin, a 24-year old lawyer from Lake Worth, Florida. We had a last-minute replacement last season, as well, and that was for reasons pertaining to the global health crisis.

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As we reported earlier today, Marvin was a contestant on America’s Got Talent earlier this season, but it remains to be seen if that has anything to do with why he is no longer on Big Brother. That feels like something that would have been known before today, right? We don’t think he was going to advance over there, but Marvin may have his chance to speak out on this in the very-near future.

For the time being, there is absolute some room to dive into what may have happened here…

We spoke to a source who knows a thing or two about AGT and contestant contracts, and what we learned is that there is a months-long talent hold for people who make the live shows; while Marvin got enough votes to advance in the competition, his status for said live shows remains unclear. If you don’t go through after the auditions, however, you are released from your obligations; this was not the case for Marvin.

What we suspect happened here is that Marvin may have gone on Big Brother under the assumption that he would not be continuing on AGT despite “advancing” to the next round, but the talent show heard the news today and decided they weren’t quite done with them yet. He signed their contract first, and that may be what matters.

You can see a photo of replacement Joseph at the bottom of this article. We hope that he brings something interesting to table; Claire was the last-second replacement last year, and we do think that she did a good job of adding to the gameplay that time. The irony in this change-up happening is that we suspected that one of the reasons why we got the cast so late was to AVOID this sort of situation where a cast member was publicly swapped out.

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