P-Valley season 2 episode 5: Did Woddy kill Rome?

P-Valley season 2

P-Valley season 2 episode 5 has to be one of the most painful episodes of the year. There’s no way around that. We got a deeper look at the life of Keyshawn a.k.a. Miss Mississippi, and so much of it was rooted in pain.

There was a time when she thought her relationship with Derrick would bring her happiness; then, he attacked her and later, it was revealed that he was hurting her child as well. The scenes between the two were violent and disturbing and at this point, there’s nothing more we want for her than to somehow get out of this place. The other hard thing to swallow is that this may not all be over. (There’s a clear reason why Starz put the warnings they did prior to this episode airing.)

Even when Keyshawn was away on the tour, it didn’t offer that much of a respite at all. As it turned out, Rome was using her as simply a front to try and sleep with her, which led to another horrific situation for her — and also led to her being off the tour altogether. She ended up telling Woddy about what happened, and then Woddy just so happened to lace Rome’s drugs later on, causing him to overdose at the end of the episode.

Rome is gone — that much is clear. Yet, what are the ramifications of this going to be? This is a death that obviously complicates the tour and also will lead to plenty of questions. Woddy did, in his mind, what had to be done. Here’s the next question we have to wonder: Will Keyshawn tell him about Derrick? What happens at that point?

This is, from our perspective, one of the most harrowing and real episodes that P-Valley has ever done. The writing and performances were next-level, but no doubt it was difficult to watch — and that’s entirely the point.

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