The Boys season 3 finale: Antony Starr on Soldier Boy, Homelander twist

The Boys, HomelanderAs we prepare now for The Boys and its season 3 finale next week, the story is more complicated than ever. Why? It is firmly attached to the news that Soldier Boy is actually the father of Homelander! Jensen Ackles’ character revealed the news in a phone call, while also pontificating if knowing this many years ago could have changed the trajectory of both of these men.

Yet, these two Supes are where they are now, and all of this newfound information puts them each in a particularly unusual position moving forward. What are they going to do now with the information that they have? How will each of them press onward?

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Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Antony Starr teases that this reveal is going to cause a potentially big shakeup in his character’s head:

“It’s an interesting conundrum for both characters, but particularly for Homelander … He’s always been looking for love and connection, and the revelation that he has a father really resurfaces that craving that he has for family… We tried to make it like Homelander really goes off in his own head. He becomes very mentally fractured and goes off on a bit of a fantasy of family and having the three generations all together. He’s going to have a very male [family], but he’s going to have a family. There’s going to be this intergenerational bonding experience.”

Of course, here is the other conundrum: Whether Soldier Boy will feel the same way. Homelander could be walking into a hornet’s nest if he thinks that everyone will just be this big, happy family at the end of all of this.

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