‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 16 review: Did Nick and Jess handle the kiss?

New GirlLast week on “New Girl” season 2, we saw the biggest game-changer in the history of the show as Nick, after a lengthy and drunken game of “True American,” made a huge move in kissing Jess after letting his feelings get the best of him. This time around, the two had to find a way to deal with what happened, and try to continue living together.

From the moment this happened, one thing was pretty clear: it was not going to be possible for Jess’ relationship with the doctor Sam to continue. After all, he made a commitment in order to be with her, and he never beat around the bush with it. It was an interesting move to have Jess’ confession to him happen off-camera, but it was certainly beyond hilarious to see Sam’s enraged response (which involved punching Nick in the same place Winston had earlier in the episode).

Seeing the back-and-forth from Nick and Jess all episode was pretty hysterical, even if the two decided to move forward from this as friends, and try their best to let it destroy the relationship that they already had. What was a little bit surprising here was that the relationship that really took a big leap forward with Schmidt and Cece. The entire cast made an appearance at an Indian dating convention, and he, appalled at how some of the wealthy men there were treated his ex, decided to put on such a grand spectacle that made Cece fall for him again … at least long enough to jump into bed. (She does still claim that she is going down the arranged marriage route.)

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