Yellowstone season 5: Will it set up a possible season 6?

YellowstoneWe are well aware that Yellowstone season 5 has yet to premiere over on Paramount Network and here we are, discussing a possible season 6.

So why do that? The reason is pretty simple: It just makes a whole lot of sense! We’re talking here about one of the most popular shows on all of TV, but also one that could be facing a fairly uncertain future.

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For now, the series has yet to be renewed beyond its upcoming season, which is split into two seven-episode parts. We also know that Kevin Costner has ambitions to do a lot of different things. There are a lot of prequels and off-shoots in the works, and a lot of this could really help to make certain that there is life even beyond Yellowstone. The larger episode order could in some ways be used to set up the endgame.

However, we’re not quite sure we are at the end just yet, but we could be moving towards it in the relatively-near future. The easiest assumption for us to make right now is the Yellowstone is slowly moving towards the endgame, but it’s also more popular than ever right now. You don’t want to stay around too long, but we wouldn’t end the show at the peak of its popularity either. Our hope, at least for now, is that we can get at least one more season beyond this one. Once we make it to that point, it could be easier to start to turn towards a potential series finale. There just doesn’t need to be any sort of hurry here!

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Do you think that Yellowstone season 5 will be used to set up a season 6?

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