‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: Paging Dr. Sullivan; and did Emily really [spoiler] Alison?

Pretty Little Liars“Pretty Little Liars” has presented up with a number of shocking situations over the past several years, but the assertion made during Tuesday night’s season 3 episode “Dead To Me” was something that we never saw coming in a million years: that Emily may have actually been responsible for Alison’s death after allegedly hitting her with a shovel.

This scene was saw by Emily while under hypnosis from Dr. Sullivan, who returned with a bang this week as we started to wonder just whether or not this is really a “good doctor” in any shape of the word. Rather, the one thing that we can about this person beyond a reason of a doubt is that she is creepy … very creepy.

While Emily was understandably panicking about this, Spencer finally managed to find some answers of her own when it came to Toby: what was in that mysterious door behind the key. Her private investigator came through with the answer, and in the midst of some ridiculously loud rock music she was quick to discover that on the other side was … nothing, save for some assorted furniture; and ultimately, this was all that she needed to see in order to learn that Toby never really had any intentions of being with her.

The other plotlines this week were important, but compared to the devastation from Emily and Spencer they did not appear to be nearly as bad. For one, Aria learned that Ezra’s brother Wesley has a little bit of a dark history of his own; meanwhile, Hanna struggled to connect to Caleb through his past, who has no interest in re-hashing where he has come from.

Finally, everyone came together at the end to see Alison’s new final resting place … where Spencer blew the lid off of the place by saying that not only was Alison pregnant, but Detective Wilden was the likely father. Emily also finally realized that it was actually “that night” that she was picturing with Dr. Sullivan (who we should probably let off the hook now after what we said earlier). In addition, we figured out that, we also learned that the supposed ringleader of “The A Team” all along is someone in a red coast … who also happens to, like Ali, be blonde.

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