The Boys season 3 episode 7: Are Hughie, Butcher going to die?

The BoysApparently, one of the big goals The Boys season 3 episode 7 had from the start was making us worried for as many people as possible. Hence, how we got to the place we’re at right now with both Hughie and Billy Butcher.

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Close to the end of this particular episode, we learned thanks to Starlight that the Temporary Compound-V that Hughie and Butcher have been taking comes with some very serious side effects. To be specific, this is something that could cause both of them to die if enough doses are taken. From the start Butcher knew of its experimental nature and yet, he thought that this was the right way to fight fire with fire.

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Now, however, the question becomes if Butcher’s already signed his own death warrant — or is at least close to it. The same could go for Hughie if he continues to take it. This is something that Karl Urban’s character will have to think a lot about now. We know that he wants nothing more than to have Homelander’s head on a pike, but how far is he willing to go in order to do that? This is a huge decision that will alter not just his own life, but multiple people around him. He’s already been willing to make Mother’s Milk feel hurt and betrayed; is that just the tip of the iceberg here?

If nothing else, the finale is not more intriguing than ever before…

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Following the events of The Boys season 3 episode 7, do you think that Hughie and Butcher are going to die?

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