Magnum PI season 5 revival: Is big announcement coming soon?

Magnum PIAs so many of you out there are aware, today is a hugely important day in the quest to get a Magnum PI season 5. It is, after all, the theoretical day that cast contracts expire!

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Of course, we say theoretical because there may be moving parts behind the scenes. Take, for example, extensions that get signed in order to ensure that everyone comes back for more. From our vantage point it is pretty darn clear at this point that the entire cast wants to come back, so this June 30 deadline is a little bit more arbitrary. The only way we see this becoming a larger issue is if we’re here at this point in a month; at a certain point, the people invested in this show have to seek out other work if no progress is being made.

Luckily, we’re not at that point yet, and there continues to be a mountain of evidence that a renewal/revival is right around the corner. Take, a post from a writer yesterday that the show is “close” to a pickup. Or, the Instagram Story from Zachary Knighton (Rick) set to “The Final Countdown.” Or, Instagram Stories today from Amy Hill (Kumu) continuing to hype up the campaign to save the show. This goes along with teases from Jay Hernandez earlier this month and Perdita Weeks telling everyone to “stay tuned” after the billboard surfaced in Times Square.

All of this is strong evidence that there’s something on the horizon. While some may be in the dark as to when an announcement is being made, there’s an awareness that a deal could get done.

We’ve thought all along that today could be a great time to announce it, mostly because after today, you lose your PR mojo until at least July 5. A lot of people out there will treat tomorrow like the start of a four-day weekend, meaning that any news that comes out could get a tad lost in the shuffle. Granted, we’ll be here to report on a season 5 if NBC/another party picks it up, but it makes more logical sense to get something out there today.

If there is no announce today…

Don’t get discouraged. The only time we’ll feel genuinely sad is if a story comes out saying that all parties are still somehow far apart. We’ve known from the start that this will take time, maybe even longer than some people involved thought it would. Yet, if we get the show back at the very end, isn’t the whole process worth it? We tend to think so.

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