‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 14 review: Lemon learns about AnnaBeth and Lavon

Hart of Dixie

On tonight’s of episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2, Wade wants Zoe to make more time for him and she promises that she will make a change. While Zoe is out trying to pick up provisions for her special night with Wade, she runs into Jonah (Brick’s very attractive cousin) who tries to ask her out on a date and she quickly shuts him down. Wade asks Jonah to cover for Zoe at the clinic while he takes her away for the weekend and he agrees.  When they get to the cabin, Wade can’t seem to get Zoe to focus on him.  He tells her that she’s addicted to her career and she tells him that it’s career satisfaction, saying that he would know what she’s talking about if he had one – a blow that hit below the belt and he tells her he’s taking her home.  She later apologizes to him about what she said and he tells her that she was right.  Wade says her that he wants to open his own bar and now he has motivation to do it.

After AnnaBeth and Lavon’s night together, Lavon wants more, but AnnaBeth is acting strange, because she knows she needs to talk to Lemon. When AnnaBeth goes to talk to Lemon, she dances around telling her about her night with Lavon, and Lemon figures out that AnnaBeth is interested in Lavon.  She pushes AnnaBeth to go out on a date with Jonah and because AnnaBeth doesn’t come clean about what’s going on with Lavon, she accepts the date with Jonah.

While Jonah and AnnaBeth are out on the date, Lavon sees them together and she runs out after him.  She tells him what happened with Lemon and then admits that she has feelings for Lavon, but she also ends up revealing that Lemon still has feelings for Lavon too.  Lavon says he hopes that Lemon has moved on and that he’s happy being with AnnaBeth.  She tells him that she is happy with him too, but that he needs to tell Lemon the truth before they go any further.  When she tells Lemon about her and Lavon’s feelings for one another and that something has already happened between them, Lemon walks away from her. Anna Beth goes to Lavon and tells him that she can’t see him again until things are fixed with Lemon.

Now that the secret is out about Shelby and Brick (at least to his daughters), she is very excited to make plans for his birthday party, but Lemon and Magnolia are scheming to break them up.  The more Brick obsesses over the fact that all of the patients at the clinic are asking for Zoe over him, he decides that he doesn’t want to have a birthday party and admits that because of their age difference, he is getting cold feet about coming out to the whole town about his relationship with Shelby.  When Shelby finds out that Brick has cancelled the birthday party, Magnolia finds a way to convince her that not only should they have a surprise party, but that Shelby should jump out of a cake at the party and do a sultry dance for everyone thinking that the scandal will break them up.  After Lemon tells off Magnolia for organizing this, she tells Shelby the truth about the party, but she doesn’t care and decides to go through with it anyways.  After jumping out of the cake and the dance is over, Brick announces to everyone that Shelby’s his girlfriend and everything works out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2?  Did you think that Zoe was way out of line with what she said to Wade? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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