Yellowstone season 5: How much could a full trailer show?

YellowstoneIf you love Yellowstone, then you may know already that season 5 is premiering on Sunday, November 13. We’re almost certainly going to be facing a long and painful wait here! That, at least for now, feels more or less inevitable.

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At some point during the hiatus, though, we’re at least going to have a chance to be treated to a trailer. So how much will that actually give away? It all depends of course on what the Paramount Network wants us to see…

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One thing we are confident about at present is that the season 5 trailer will at least be more thorough than the one for season 4, which had the near-impossible task of trying to hide a number of huge reveals from the end of season 3. They couldn’t give away who survived that big cliffhanger!

Now that there is no life-and-death cliffhanger, we do think a trailer will share more insight on a few different things. For example, we imagine that they’ll give us a small peek into what is going on here with Beth, as she tries to use the new leverage she has over Jamie. We tend to think that she’s going to try somehow to influence the upcoming Gubernatorial election, which John is very-much involved in, albeit reluctantly so. We tend to think we’ll get some teases from that.

We don’t exactly think that the upcoming trailer is going to be a highlight reel for the entirety of the season, especially since the 14-episode season may not even be wrapped by the time the trailer comes out. We do think, however, that this will be a good roadmap to what the producers are planning, and we’re stoked to see exactly where things could be going from there on out.

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What do you think will be featured within a Yellowstone season 5 trailer?

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