‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 14 preview: Alex and Jackson face off

Jesse WilliamsNow we know exactly why Thursday night’s new “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 episode is entitled “The Face of Change.” We’ve known for some time now that the episode was set to feature some sort of showdown between several of the doctors over the chance to represent Seattle Grace in something; and now, we’ve learned just what that something is.

As the sneak peek video below shows off perfectly, Alex and Jackson are going to be just two of the physicians facing off in a very big way to be the face of a brand-new brochure that is being made for Seattle Grace Mercy West, as some potential new buyers for the hospital are looking in many ways to shake up the place’s identity in the wake of the plane crash lawsuit. Are these two guys the only contenders? Far from it. Cristina confirmed to Meredith that they were also interested in having her on the pamphlet, but she turned them down in order to put most of her energy instead on trying to get her face on something more prestigious.

On the relationship front, this video also does give us a few nice moments that should make fans of Karev and the intern Jo rather pleased, even though it is still pretty clear that the pair are still a decent ways away from a relationship. All we are really seeing here instead is that the two parties are just trying to feel each other out for the time being, and are building up more of an honest friendship (which is something Alex really needs with women after being a womanizer for so long).

Who would you make into the face of the hospital if you were given a choice? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can also hit up the link here to see some news about who may be considering a move away from the hospital a little later on this season.

Photo: ABC

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