The Mandalorian season 3: How many more seasons could we get?

GroguThe Mandalorian season 3 is coming to Disney+ and beyond that, the story is being planned for a season 4. At the moment, it’s fair to assume that we’re going to see this landmark Star Wars show go that far.

What about beyond that? This is where things become more of a mystery, and absolutely it is a good subject of conversation.

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In general, we know that there’s a tendency for streaming shows to have shorter runs than what we tend to see on broadcast or cable, and we have a good feeling that is going to be the case here, as well. Disney+ has so many different Star Wars ideas that we don’t think they really need to hit any single one that hard. Our feeling, at least for the time being, is that a show like this could easily make it to a season 5 or season 6 and that’s it. From there, you could see other spin-offs or stories that are told to bring you to some other places within the timeline.

To be specific, you can argue that Grogu is easily going to be a generational character within this world. Because he carries with him such an enormously long lifespan, there is a chance that he could be around for all sorts of future projects no matter how far ahead some of those are set.

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How many more seasons of The Mandalorian do you think we are going to get?

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