The Blacklist season 10: Should an Alexander Kirk return now happen?

The BlacklistWe know that there are plenty of people out there clamoring to see Alexander Kirk come back on NBC’s The Blacklist and for a while, it didn’t seem like the timing was right. However, it was easy to make a case for it back in season 8, but nothing ended up coming to pass there.

Now that we’re in season 10, does seem like the door could be open to more from this character … but that doesn’t mean that a return will actually happen.

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As many of you know, the whole premise of season 10 is former Blacklisters coming back now that the truth is out there about Reddington being an informant. We don’t think Kirk will are too much about that particular part of the equation, given that he and Reddington settled a lot by the end of the story. However, given how connected the criminal empire is, won’t a number of people be knocking on his metaphorical door?

Also, we tend to think that Kirk would have an opinion of his own on Liz’s death, given that he did for a while think that she was his daughter. We also believe that reintroducing Kirk now could prove valuable for setting up the series’ endgame, whether it be this season or one down the road. Remember that this guy (otherwise known as Constantin Rostov) knows something important courtesy of that whisper. The show has never confirmed what Reddington said, but the ties the two have to Katarina make him a really interesting loose end still out there in this world.

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