Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 3 photo: Pope’s got company…

Animal KingdomThis weekend, you are going to get a double-dose of great Animal Kingdom season 6 stories starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. What’s going to be coming up in those?

While it may not seem on the surface like Pope’s new skate park (which is really just a halfpipe) would end up being a source for a lot of drama, that may very well be the case. If nothing else, this is going to be a real test of who he is as a person.

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At the end of this past episode, we saw the character, with the help of his recently-hired carpenter, finish the job and skate around for a moment. In doing that, he also got a temporary shot of happiness. We know that this isn’t something that he’s had for most of his life due to Smurf, and it is one of the many tragic things out there about this character. He can never really move forward in the way in which he’d want, but will he be open to others?

The photo above shows Pope watching as his skate park gets some new guests. He can’t be all that surprised about it, but how will he handle it? It’s inevitable that skaters would want to use the halfpipe, but it’s his property. With that very thing in mind, we really do think he can do more or less whatever he wants with it and it’s hard for anyone else to get in his way. If he can actually allow some of these people to stick around, it’d be a great moment of personal growth for this character.

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Where do you think the story is going to head moving into Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 3?

Do you have any predictions for Pope? Let us know below! Once you do just that, come back around for some other insight. (Photo: TNT.)

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