America’s Got Talent video: Merissa Beddows sings, does impressions!

Merissa Beddows, America's Got TalentOn Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent episode, you will have a chance to meet Merissa Beddows. She is a trained opera singer and yet, that’s actually not the #1 basis for her act!

In the video below, you can see more of what we’re talking about here as Beddows comes out and performs a number of different impressions set to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” In this, you can hear her pretend to be Stevie Nicks, her own grandmother, Snow White, and even Siri at various points. It is a funny twist on an act, and all of her voices are legitimately good. If she sang a less challenging song, maybe this wouldn’t get the same reaction; yet, it’s incredibly impressive that she can do all of this while also delivering some of the high notes that she does.

It goes without saying here, but she very much wins over the judges and should be moving on to the next round.

So why doesn’t Merissa just come out and sing in her normal voice, especially since she has so much training? That’s a good question, but the truth is that AGT probably gets a ton of opera singers every year and few advance. In that category, they probably look mostly for kids or people with super-extreme looks or personalities that will surprise people. This audition is the sort that will help her stand out, and also potentially draw more attention to her opera singing after the fact. It is a fun act, and her success moving forward will probably depend a lot on whether or not she has some other impressions up her sleeve. After doing this, we’re not sure she can just perform as herself the rest of the season.

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