‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Andrea takes on Woodbury

The Walking DeadAndrea has been desperate to find some sort of normalcy in her life now that the walkers have taken over the world and in “The Walking Dead” season 3 she thought she finally found that in Woodbury.

Andrea began living with a commune of about 70 other survivors who not only took over a small part of a town (called Woodbury) and barricaded it off so it was “safe”, but also live life as if nothing is really happening outside of the walls of their town.  She felt so at home there that she actually felt comfortable enough to start up a romantic relationship with the Governor of the town.  Everything seemed to be going well for Andrea, as long as she turned a blind eye to the cruelty being distributed by the hands of the Governor and his henchmen (including Daryl’s brother Merle).

The Walking DeadAll of that is going to change now as Andrea has come face to face with the monster behind the Governor.  Not only has she learned about his creepy man cave full of walker heads, but she also saw that he was keeping his walker daughter, Penny, locked up in a cage.  If that wasn’t enough, when “The Walking Dead” returns on Sunday we will see Andrea really open her eyes not only to what the Governor really is, but also to the people of Woodbury.  In new photos released from the next new episode (provided by TVLine) we see Andrea trying to fight against the mob mentality that the citizens of Woodbury have adopted.  Not only are they carrying luggage (are they trying to move into the prison?), but they are also armed with weapons such as crowbars and axes.

Andrea is a good person at heart and while she may have wanted a normal life again she’s quickly realized that she’s living a lie and that the people of Woodbury are dangerous, especially when riled up by the Governor.  “The Walking Dead” season 3 returns to AMC on Sunday, February 10th at 9 p.m., so be sure to tune in and see what happens as Andrea takes on Woodbury.  Looking for more “Walking Dead” news and spoilers – then check out our preview of the fight between Daryl and Merle.

Photos: AMC

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