The Flash season 8 finale spoilers: Will Thawne reveal his true plan?

Flash season 4With The Flash season 8 finale rapidly approaching at superhuman speed, we gotta be prepared for just about anything. That includes some world-altering twists that could change up the show as we know it.

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For right now, though, one of the big questions that is out there is rather simple: How did Eobard Thawne pull this off? There are so many strange things that remain unexplained, whether it be the Matt Letscher version being around as a seemingly innocent scientist or the Tom Cavanagh version somehow taking over his body right before the end of this past episode. We know that some of this was Deon’s plan, but of course there are other wrinkles here that aren’t entirely clear as of yet.

Speaking to TVLine, Cavanagh himself noted that there is a larger explanation coming, but you may need to wait for a bit still to get it:

Do I know what was going on? Sure. Yeah. I know what was going on. I’m not going to tell you because I have WB snipers on the roof all around me. It’s all like I say, he’s 10 steps ahead and it’s all plotted out and it makes sense when you see the next episode.

We know that there’s going to be some sort of epic Reverse-Flash battle at the end of the finale, but we also have a hard time imagining that every loose end will be tied up at this point. With the talk being that season 9 is going to be the final one on The CW, we tend to imagine that we’ll be set up for more high stakes and of course one more showdown a little later on.

Regardless, the finale is going to be epic! After all, the promo for what’s coming has already teased the presence of a bunch of familiar faces including Impulse, XS, and Jay Garrick to lend a helping hand.

Where do you think that things are going moving into The Flash season 8 finale?

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