The Amazing Race 34 premiere date, timeslot pushed back an hour

The Amazing Race season 34

CBS has made a small change when it comes to their plans for The Amazing Race 34and it’s one that could end up having a fairly large impact over time.

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Here’s what we can tell you for now: The long-running competition show is coming back on Wednesday, September 21, and it will be airing in a later timeslot than planned in 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. It will shift up to 9:30 the following week, as both it and Survivor are going to be doing 90-minute episodes.

After that? Well, let’s just say it’s parking itself at 10:00 permanently. The Real Love Boat, starting on October 5, is going to be airing in that 9:00 timeslot — and we’re still trying to better understand the decision.

From a CBS point of view, we’re sure that the logic here is that putting The Real Love Boat in this spot means that viewers will end up watching that show in between two that they already love; however, there’s no guarantee it will work like that. Putting The Amazing Race on that late is a big risk; this is a family show, and we do tend to think it’s going to be harder to have a consistent audience for it that late in the evening. Meanwhile, The Real Love Boat could actually benefit more from airing late if the idea is to make it edgy at all; wholesome reality romances don’t often work. The Bachelor is sometimes the closest thing we have to that, but we don’t think anyone would describe it as “wholesome.” It may just be when you compare it to shows like Love Island, which ironically is no longer airing on CBS. It’s making the move over to Peacock.

Hopefully, more news on The Amazing Race 34 will be available later this summer; head over here if you want to see the premiere date for the Canadian version of the show!

What do you think about The Amazing Race 34 starting later in the night?

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