Is Candice Patton leaving The Flash? Is Iris West-Allen really dead?

The Flash IrisWe knew entering The Flash season 8 episode 19 that we were going to be seeing some sort of dramatic showdown. After all, this set the stage for next week’s finale! However, is Candice Patton leaving the show and is her character of Iris dead? That’s what we are concerned about now.

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Early on, we couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed that the Speed Force/Still Force/etc. were the real focus for some of these showdowns. While it makes sense in the context of the season, none of them on their own felt like some sort of enormous threat. That was before their full plan was exposed and it caused Barry to fire a strike off at Iris. Seeing something like this happen to her was probably traumatic for Barry.

Where things stand right now is clear: Iris is dead. The promo for the finale confirmed that. However, we know with this show that dead does not mean gone. Eobard Thawne was temporarily dead and came back in the span of a single episode! Sara Lance was revived in a Lazarus pit! A lot can happen as the show progresses, but reviving her is not going to be easy. The most important thing entering the finale is that we see Barry not only stop the Forces running rampant in the city, but also the return now of the Reverse-Flash, who is going to do whatever he can to kill Grant Gustin’s character.

For now, Patton is not 100% leaving the show. Are we still concerned? Absolutely. You have to remember here that she has not officially signed on for season 9, which we 100% hope happens … especially since it could prove to be the final one. So much of this story has been about the Barry – Iris relationship, and it’s already been startling enough not having her around for some significant stretches of time.

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