‘The Bachelor’ review: Tierra LiCausi vs. Sean Lowe vs. everyone else

TierraIf you played the traditional “Bachelor” drinking game for Monday night’s new episode, let’s hope that you did so with soda. Why? There were so many utterings of the words “fairy tale” and “best friend” that you would probably throw up in that sort of gross way you would see in an Adam Sandler movie.

Really, you could just re-name this entire episode “The Tierra Show,” since that was really all anybody wanted to talk about this week. This woman took her drama up to another level this week, and she is she is proving herself to be very hard to defend with the reality TV excuses like bad editing or just being too focused on the competition. Understandably, it’s making Sean Lowe even more upset in the process, especially since most of the women, afraid to be involved in drama that will send them home, refuse to really acknowledge the problem.

With that, let’s turn to our weekly rose round-up.

Received a rose on a date

Lindsay Yenter (1-on-1) – It’s so hard to imagine right now that Lindsay is the same woman who showed up in a wedding dress the first night and got a little too drunk. A contestant we once considered to be cannon fodder is now a favorite to actually go to the end. Her connection to Sean was shown off multiple times in Montana, and they even started to talk about some serious subjects.

Daniella McBride (Group Date) – Who’s ready for some ridiculous controversy? We’ve always believed that these dates where one of the losing teams is forced to sit out are idiotic and counterintuitive to the point of this show, and Sean really called them out on this week. He actually allowed both the winning and losing teams to join him on the date, and in a move that made the winning ladies (especially Desiree, who had to drink a full cup of freshly-squeezed goat’s milk) really angry, he then gave the rose to one of these new arrivals.

Daniella had a breakdown on the date, and thus further cements that this may actually be the best way to get a rose on this show.

Tierra LiCausi (2-on-1) – We actually understand how Tierra feels when it comes to this date: usually, the people who are sent on 2-on-1s are cannon fodder that are just there to produce drama for a while before being sent home. (Remember, some past people to go on these dates include Blakeley and Justin “Rated R” Rego.) However, what do not understand why she chooses to deliberately be rude to the other woman and act awful in the confessional room.

You do have to blame the editing for at least a small fraction of this (but not all of it). Is Tierra emotional like a runaway train? Sure, but we also have no idea why in the world the show’s producers decided to make her completely into Courtney 2.0 here with the “I got a rose” song and then a crazy witch laugh as Jackie was getting in the limo of tears.

Sean actually had doubts and was visibly frustrated with Tierra after she was caught acting out at the rose ceremony, but he still decided to keep her around.

Received a rose at the rose ceremony

Desiree Hartsock – This was not a great week for Desiree, who was so afraid to tell the truth about Tierra in fear of causing drama that she came across just awkward and strange … and we’re not sure she’s a favorite anymore.

Catherine Giudici – There’s still not much screen time between her and Sean, but every moment that they have is positive and romantic.

AshLee Frazier – This was a pretty good week for AshLee, since she seems to have more maturity than a few of these women combined. Therefore, she really rose above the drama.

Selma Alameri – We can really say the same thing about Selma, who is still coming off the high of the one-on-one last week.

Lesley Murphy – Wow, she received almost no screen time at all here.

Sarah Herron – We worry about Sean’s future with Sarah, mostly because she is not really getting that much romance with Sean these days, and her conversations almost feel like the two are tip-toeing.


Jackie Parr – Jackie never really had a chance on the two-on-one date. She was a smart, nice woman, but she never really had much of a connection with Sean. Plus, she was a ghost in the editing.

Robyn Howard – This was at least a little bit of a surprise, mostly because the two had a somewhat-romantic moment last week.

What do you think about this week’s episode of “The Bachelor,” and do you think that Sean should have just pulled a Jake Pavelka and sent home both ladies on the two-on-one date? If you want to see where we ranked some of the women going into this episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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