The Boys season 3 episode 6 promo carries hilarious warning


In just a couple of days, The Boys season 3 episode 6 is going to arrive — and we hope you are prepared to be horrified.

There are a few details that are out there about this episode already, and they include the fact that it’s based on an infamous part of the comics. We’re a family site, so trying to describe it in non-graphic terms is hard. Let’s just say that it involves a lot of people all hooking up together and in some extremely shocking ways that will leave your jaw on the floor.

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We should go ahead and make it clear that entering this episode, the folks at Amazon are not shying away from the horrifying nature of what’s coming. They’ve released a new promo (watch here), and in it they promise a number of extremely explicit things that may or may not be featured in this episode. Ironically, other than the written description nothing in said promo will make you want to wash out your eyes … probably because they are saving some of that for the actual installment itself.

To us, there are really two challenges entering this episode right now. First and foremost, there is a question of whether or not it can meet the impossibly-high bar that has been set by both the comics and the extensive promo campaign the past few days. Also, there’s justifying it within the story. It’s one thing to go for shock value, but it also has to make sense. We’re fairly confident that the writers have a plan for this, so we’ll just have to see when this episode actually airs.

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Where do you think things are going to go as we enter The Boys season 3 episode 6?

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