‘Bones’ season 8, episode 14 review: Why is Booth at the hopsital?

BonesOn tonight’s episode of “Bones” season 8, we learned that Hodgins never recovered his fortune from when Pelant drained his bank accounts and investments dry, but he is still very happy with his life because he has Angela and his son.

Booth and Brennan are hiding a secret from the rest of the staff, but when Angela over hears Brennan talking to Booth and saying the word “hospital” she pushes Brennan for answers about what’s happening with Booth.  Brennan holds her ground and won’t tell Angela or Cam what’s happening with Booth, leaving both Angela and Cam sick with worry.

Cam decides to go down to the hospital to find out what’s going on with Booth, but the doctor won’t budge on the details.  As Cam pushes further she  suspects that Booth’s daughter, Christine, might have NF (a tumor) and that this is why Booth has been going to the hospital every Friday for the past few weeks. Brennan later decides that she wants to tell Cam the truth about what’s going on and as it turns out Christine is fine and that he’s organized a charity carnival for children at the hospital suffering from NF and didn’t want to tell anyone because he didn’t want to brag about his charity work.

Wendell is turning 29 and Hodgins is tormenting him about his birthday, but when talk turns to Angela and he reveals that he once posed disrobed for her when they were dating, Hodgins realizes that he’s gone too far. Wendell reveals that he’s super sensitive about his birthday, because his brother bet him that by 29 he’d still be a loser, but Hodgins tells him that his brother is wrong because Wendell is at the top of his game and owes him $200.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Bones” season 8?  Do you think that Booth should’ve kept his reasons for going to the hospital a secret?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Fox

Photo: Fox

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