The Blacklist season 10: A look inside a possible final-season debate

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Will The Blacklist season 10 be the final one on NBC? We know that there is a heated debate out there among fans already. There are some who think the show has been long in the tooth for a good while, and others who will watch James Spader and the cast until the wheels come off. (For the record, we tend to fall more in the latter camp.)

No matter where you land, though, one thing should still be the same: You want the writers to have enough time to properly tie together loose ends. Otherwise, the story just feels incomplete and it’s hard to imagine anyone being altogether satisfied with that.

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Based on the communication structure we’ve seen in the past with NBC and studio Sony, we do tend to think that we’ll have a proper ending, whether it be this season or at some point down the road. At some point at the end of this year (at the latest), we’re sure that there will be conversations between the two parties on the future. That will enable them to either talk about a season 11, or finding the right way to wrap the show up. Since The Blacklist typically films a few episodes ahead of what viewers see and are even further ahead in terms of scripts, you want them to have time to ensure a series finale is not rushed. This season, the structure will be even stranger, since the show is not coming back until 2023.

It’s at least our opinion that by the time we get to the show’s return, the creative team could have at least some idea if this is the final season. Or, at least that is how it should be. The last thing NBC should want is to surprise everyone at the last second.

Do you think that The Blacklist season 10 will or should be the final one?

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