The Orville season 3 episode 4 video: A visual spectacle lies ahead…

The Orville New HorizonsIs The Orville season 3 episode 4 going to be one of the most epic ones yet? It feels like you could say that about a lot of New Horizons.

With that being said, though, the promo for next week (posted by Seth MacFarlane on Twitter below) signals that we are going to see the show taking some big risks and allowing us to explore even more of the Krill than ever before. The visuals here are absolutely gorgeous, and it looks like we’re seeing more of a tangible, long-term reality as opposed to some of the mysteries and tiny universes that were present in season 3 episode 3. (We didn’t see the twist at the end of this episode coming.)

What New Horizons has done such a fantastic job at is immersion. Kudos to Hulu for giving the team a big-enough budget, since all of these stories are for now paying off in huge ways. They each feel like movies in their own right and because they’re largely standalone in nature, it justifies the extended run time. (If this was a more continuous story, it would be hard to keep the pacing strong at over an hour per episode.)

The hardest thing to accept based on where we are in the season right now is that The Orville season 3 could be the last one. We know that the actors were released from their contracts, and there is total ambiguity as to how the show is actually performing. What does warm our heart is seeing more and more people start to discover it and recognize how brilliantly imaginative it is. It’s one of the best sci-fi shows of the year, and that’s saying a lot when you consider the variety out there.

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