Squid Game season 2: Will it be the last one on Netflix?

Squid Game season 1

We know that we’re probably well over a year out from seeing Squid Game season 2 on Netflix. Is it too early to be thinking about season 3? Absolutely, but that’s not stopping us (or most anyone else) from thinking about the idea.

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Unfortunately, here is the problem with this logic: There’s a chance that there may not be a season 3. A lot of shows these days are operating with a less-is-more philosophy in mind, and we may have to prepare now for the possibility that we are, in fact, nearing the end of the road already.

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Speaking in a new interview with Variety, show creator Hwang Dong-hyuk made it clear that it’s “it’s tough to tell” if season 2 will be the end, placing the odds at around “50-50.” We’re sure that if it is successful, Netflix will want to make a season 3, but that doesn’t mean that it will happen. It’s something that he also has to be creatively interested in doing, after all, and we do think that a certain point, it could be hard to continue to make things compelling. So much of season 1 was about discovery and the shocking element of surprise that came with Gi-hun’s journey. There will already be challenges with all of this with season 2, though the very idea of him trying to destroy the Games themselves could be fascinating.

In this same interview, Dong-hyuk makes it clear that season 2 will likely have a larger budget than the first go-around, and of course that means a potentially bigger story. With that being said, we never thought that season 1 ever looked altogether low-budget at any point.

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