The Boys season 3 episode 6: Jensen Ackles on Soldier Boy’s warpath

Jensen AcklesIf there is one central way to describe Soldier Boy’s arc on The Boys season 3 right now, it can be using one simple word: Revenge. This is a guy who wants to not only understand why his former team betrayed him, but also punish them for it. We know that he’s super-powerful — not only can he be a human detonator, but he also has a thing apparently for zapping someone of their powers.

Is there going to be more chaos to come after what he did to Crimson Countess? You can probably count on that.

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Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jensen Ackles had the following to say on the warpath we are seeing for his character at the moment:

“Soldier Boy wants revenge on why he got taken out of the game, why he was left out to pasture … No one came and got him and brought him back. He’s a little pissed off that his team Payback, A, didn’t come and get him but more importantly, B, gave him up in the first place.”

Does this mean that a LOT of other people are in danger from that team? Most likely, even though there may not be the same emotional connection to some of them that there was with Crimson Countess. If we are a former Payback member, at this point we’re probably going into a cave and hiding for as long as humanly possible.

Beyond just revenge, be prepared for things to get truly crazy entering episode 6. After all, it’s centered around one of the most shocking moments in comic history!

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Where do you things will go on The Boys season 3 episode 6 when it comes to Soldier Boy?

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