Magnum PI season 5: Five reasons why NBC may want revival!

Magnum PIIt’s true that tonight’s a little quiet on the Magnum PI season 5 front. We’ve noted in the past that this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be rather frustrating when you are sitting around and waiting for some news to come out.

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Unless we hear otherwise, we still believe negotiations are ongoing involving a number of key players — studios Universal TV and CBS, plus also NBC and potentially USA and Peacock. There’s a lot of moving parts, but we thought it’d be fun today to answer a pretty simple question. Why does NBC want to revive the show in the first place? What do they get out of it? We have five different things below, and there could even be more beyond that!

Money – Obviously, that’s a big one — even if we recognize that it’s a pretty unexciting thing to write out. Television remains business-first despite it being driven behind the scenes by so many different creative people. If NBC can produce a profit with this show similar to what they do with some others, they’ll bring it on board. It’s really as simple as that.

A possible Friday entry – For years now, NBC has aired two hours of Dateline on Friday nights. Are they really happy with that? We still think what’d make the most sense here is pairing up this show with The Blacklist, and really working to have a foothold here with an established audience. NBC doesn’t want to risk moving another one of their current shows there, given that only a select few can handle the timeslot.

Streaming potential – This is why we think NBCUniversal securing the streaming rights at Peacock is so important. They can use the service to promote the network, and the network to promote the service. That gives them more opportunities for money all around.

Repeats – Let’s face it — NBC has a lot of shows that generate good ratings in reruns between the Law & Order franchise and One Chicago. They’d love to have more.

Fan goodwill – Maybe a corporation doesn’t care about this as much as some other things, but we do think NBC is slightly more receptive to fans than other broadcast networks. They are the same people who gave Timeless a farewell movie and aired Chuck / Community longer than a lot of other networks would. They’ve still canceled a lot of shows in a way that was greatly annoying, but they typically try to present themselves as a network that cares a lot about their viewers.

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Why do you want to see a Magnum PI season 5 happen at NBC?

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