The Flash season 8 episode 19 spoilers: Are more big reveals ahead?

The FlashWe only have two episodes to go on The Flash season 8 before hitting the end of the season, and it is 100% fair to say things will get nuts. How nuts, exactly? Well, the bar has been set high given that this past episode had Tom Cavanagh, Matt Letscher, and David Ramsey coming back as John Diggle.

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It’s pretty clear at this point that a lot of the story’s end will involve Dr. Meena Dhawan to some extent, as the promo featured her putting on the Fast Track suit and being more of a heroic speedster. However, there’s also still Letscher’s version of Eobard Thawne, and you still have to wonder if he’s going to be as good and virtuous long-term as what we’ve seen so far. With Deon’s return, there is a chance that something strange could happen to shake up the Reverse-Flash story for good.

In speaking via CBR, here is some of what Kausar Mohammed (who plays Meena) had to say about how things could continue the rest of the way:

Hopefully, we’ll see more of Meena. The character is very close to my heart. I think what we can expect as the season goes on is what makes The Flash so great: that it’s grounded in these relationships, love for one another, and wanting to do the right thing. I think audiences can expect to see more of that emotional hook of it but also really bonkers, dope things happening as we lead up to this season finale.

One thing we know already is that Candice Patton will be back as Iris, and that the finale is set to be one of the biggest and craziest that we’ve seen in a really long time. The show went all-out with this, thinking at one time that it could be a series finale. Luckily, we know that there is a season 9 coming, though there are still questions as to what that will look like.

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What do you think is going to be coming moving into The Flash season 8 episode 19?

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