NCIS season 20: What do we need from Timothy McGee?

NCISIt shouldn’t come as any surprise that Timothy McGee is one of our favorite NCIS characters, and there are reasons aplenty for that! He’s got an enormous heart, he cares for the rest of the team, and he’s also someone who we’ve seen come so far from the early days of the series.

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Yet, even with all of this in mind, are we a little bit greedy to ask for more? Well, let’s just say that we can’t help it! Even now, it still feels like there are more stories here to tell with not just him, but those closest to him in his life.

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Take, for starters, seeing more of his family. We haven’t seen his kids in a really long time, and the reason for that is likely the global health crisis keeping extremely young kids off the set. Given that his family life and free time are the main reasons he didn’t want Gibbs’ job, we need to actually see him in that environment. It’s nice that we’ve gotten appearances from Margo Harshman over the past couple of years, but we are still looking for something more.

With this in mind, could we have more of a proper adversary for McGee in particular? Given the age of cybercrime that we’re in, it would be nice to see in particular a foe that requires his brainpower rather than the team’s work out in the field in order to stop. We want to see Tim challenged and frustrated; basically, we just want great material for Sean Murray. Given that he and Brian Dietzen are the only full-time actors on the show these days who were there in season 1, we want to see the writers rely on them a lot. (We don’t include David McCallum in here since he only appears a handful of times a year.)

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What do you want to see from McGee moving into NCIS season 20?

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