The Flash season 8 episode 19 promo: Is Deon now the Big Bad?

The FlashAs we get ourselves set for The Flash season 8 episode 19 next week, are we in for a big surprise? Based on the latest promo, it 100% feels that way.

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Is Deon suddenly set to be the Big Bad for the rest of the season? There’s definitely something fascinating to think about with that given his ties to the Still Force, and then also him presumably helping Eobard Thawne from Lian Yu.

With all of that said, we still can’t help but have a few questions rolling around in our head here. Take, for example, why Eobard needs to be such a big presence in this world again. Obviously, Reverse Flash is the ultimate villain for The Flash and that will always be the case. However, there are still other villains the show hasn’t used. Deon’s inclusion is interesting here mostly because he’s not thought of as a main player in the same way that a lot of other villains are, and we do think a lot of people had ambitions of someone even more sinister turning up.

The great news from the promo is that Iris is back! That matters a lot since it was SO weird to hear Barry talk about her being the stabilizing force in his life when she’s been gone for weeks on end. The entire cast has been in flux for what feels like years now, so really, we’ll take whatever slight bit of stability that this show is willing to hand us. These remaining episodes are bound to be crazy, and we still have a feeling that there could be more cameos ahead. We say that after David Ramsey and Brandon Routh each turned up tonight for a handful of minutes (and were both greatly appreciated).

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Where do you think the story could be going entering The Flash season 8 episode 19?

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