Mayans MC season 4 finale: Kim Coates returns as Tig from SOA!

We knew entering the Mayans MC season 4 finale that there was a chance that we’d get to see a Sons of Anarchy favorite stop by. Rest assured, we were very much pleased when it was Kim Coates!

For the first time since the end of the original series, the actor reprised his role of Tig on Tuesday night’s all-important episode, and for good reason. Alvarez, who has a history of his own with the Redwood Original chapter, did his best to play negotiator. He wanted to stop the war at all costs, and that’s why the two had a brief conversation. There was clearly tension there, but also still a deep history. There’s something fun that comes with any former cast member from Sons of Anarchy coming on this show, and we like how it’s scattered here and there and not necessarily overused.

Oh, and we should also note that Tig also showed off in that hospital scene that this is a guy willing to do whatever it takes in order to get the job done.

The only thing that we were a little bit bummed-out about was that there was some advance intel out there that Coates would be appearing tonight. We wish it was a little more of a surprise! Still, he’s one of our favorite former cast members of Sons of Anarchy and we’re glad that he had a chance to take this gig one — it makes the family tonight even more weighty, and we say that knowing full well that this is one of the most ambitious (and long) episodes we’ve had of the series in a good while.

What did you think when it comes to seeing Kim Coates back as Tig on the Mayans MC season 4 finale?

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