Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 2 spoilers: A dive into Julia’s story

Animal KingdomFor those of you who have not heard as of yet, the Sunday premiere of Animal Kingdom season 6 is going to be a two-hour event! Not only will you get the epic premiere titled “1992,” but shortly after that the story will navigate straight over into “Rise.” This will feature more of what’s happening to the Cody Boys in the present, but also shed some very-important light on key events in the past.

In particular, we’re talking here about a big question mark for the series’ lore in general in Julia.

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To get a few more details all about what we are talking about here, go ahead and check out the full Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 2 synopsis below:

J holds a family meeting, on the hunt for a new attorney. Pope refuses to sell his vacant lot. Deran embraces his clout. Craig’s sobriety is challenged. In 1992, Smurf & Andrew meet with a lawyer. Julia struggles to be heard in the family.

What we know about Julia is that she dies at a pretty young age, and also that she was never as receptive to some of Smurf’s manipulations as her brother Andrew. She comes across as a tragic figure within this world, but who was she really as a teenager/young adult? We could see at least some of this explored within this final season. If she struggles to find a voice among her own family, it’d hardly be a surprise if she starts to look elsewhere in order to find an escape.

We’re just going to go ahead and assume that the final season is going to shatter our hearts, both in terms of the present and the past.

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