NCIS season 20 premiere: Should we meet the Raven?

NCISAs we get into NCIS season 20 on CBS, it is already pretty darn clear who the chief adversary of the story is. We’re looking in the direction of the Raven, an enigmatic figure who has already targeted multiple people on the team.

While we can’t guarantee that this person will be the Big Bad for the entirety of the next season, it’s pretty clear they will dominate things in the early going. The question now becomes whether or not we’re actually going to meet them in the flash…

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The one thing that we absolutely want from NCIS entering this new season is some more face time with the main villain. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the biggest one is rather clear: We want to be able to understand what makes them tick. We’d be shocked if we didn’t meet them in the premiere, and we hope that there’s something more for them beyond this episode, as well. It’d be rather anticlimactic if we finally see this character and then watch them be carted off somewhere.

Is it possible that Vivian, Parker’s ex, is actually said Raven? It feels unlikely, given that she got that text at the end of the finale that suggested she was reporting to someone else. Then again, we’ve also seen more shocking things on television before and Teri Polo’s a big-name actress. No matter what her role is, we tend to think she’ll have a lot to do moving forward.

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Do you think we’re going to meet the Raven moving into NCIS season 20?

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