NCIS season 20: How long will Parker be away from the team?

NCIS, PeacekeeperNCIS season 20 is going to be a huge one for Alden Parker — that’s something that is clear right away. The end of season 19 saw him being taken out of town by his ex-wife Vivian, only for us to realize that she is working in some capacity alongside The Raven, the Big Bad at the center of this story.

Given the position that Gary Cole’s character is now in, how long should we expect him to be away from the team? It’s clear that the guy is in danger, but how much danger is that, really? There are certainly some things to get into on that subject…

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At some point during the premiere, we tend to think the team will figure out that Vivian isn’t quite as innocent and unattached to the case as it once seemed. Because of that, we could see the story push forward in a pretty quick fashion.

There is a case to be made that the Parker twist doesn’t make it past the end of the premiere, largely because this show is fundamentally a procedural. They aren’t going to separate him from the rest of the team for some significant chunk of time! Also, we know that the writers probably aren’t going to do a massive four-episode story early on like they did in season 19; that was an exception more so than the rule. In our mind, we imagine that Parker’s current dilemma will last two episodes at the start; it could come back later in the season, but the show will probably try to get back to its roots.

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Where do you think things are going to go with Alden Parker during NCIS season 20?

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