Super Bowl commercials 2013: ‘Glee’s’ Naya Rivera gets very close to an M&M

Naya RiveraM&M’s had one of the best commercials during almost all of Super Bowl XLVI last year in a wonderful spoof featuring LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It,” and this time around, they have returned with something that was not only close to being as funny, but it also had a welcome dose of star power to boot. Naya Rivera took a break from “Glee” in order to star in this ad, but ironically, she was not the person doing the singing.

Be sure to both watch this spot below, and also take a visit over here to check out some of the other highlights from Super Bowl Sunday.

The ad – M&M’s, “Love Ballad”

The premise – Basically, our beloved red M&M will do just about anything for love … with the rare exception being allowing himself to be licked, devoured, prepared for a party, or placed in an oven.

What works – This is almost exactly what you would expect from a Super Bowl commercial for M&Ms: there is plenty of humor, and it is just edgy enough to get people interested while at the same time being family-friendly. Naya is an especially nice touch to appeal to younger viewers, as many of them probably recognized her right away.

What doesn’t – Will older viewers have any idea who Naya is? Probably not, but that probably is not even much of an issue there given that the commercial does not rely on her to get its message across.

The verdict – We didn’t laugh as hard this time as we did for the M&Ms commercial last year, but still this was a thoroughly entertaining commercial that further establishes the company brand. Plus, it’s viral enough that it is worth watching more than once.

Photo: Fox

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