Outlander season 7 premiere date: The most likely months!

OutlanderWhat is the Outlander season 7 premiere date going to be on Starz? We know we’re a long ways away from it right now, but it’s never too early to start throwing out some of these questions!

The first thing that we suppose we should remind you of here is the oh-so-simple fact that filming has been going on for the drama for a considerable amount of time now. The network is doing what it can to get at least half of the 16-episode season ready for early 2023. (More than likely, the show will be split in two.) It’s hard to imagine that the show will be coming back at the end of the year, and there’s also no real reason to rush it given that we just got season 6 a little earlier on in 2022!

Even though season 6 premiered in March, there is a case to be made here for either January or February. The first eight episodes should be available in plenty of time, and that would also enable Starz to do a winter and then summer/fall run of the show in 2023. We’d hope that they would air all sixteen episodes in 2023 since otherwise, you are really stretching things out. (The only reason we could imagine them saving some episodes for 2024 is if it is the final season.)

March, at least to us, is the latest we see season 7 premiering, unless of course there’s some scheduling quirk where it doesn’t make sense to put it on the air at that point. One of the things we believe Starz will want to do here is offer a better sense of stability, especially when you think about how they haven’t had a lot of that with premiere dates in a while. Just like you’d imagine, the global health crisis really upset the metaphorical apple cart for a good while.

Fingers crossed, we’ll at least here something more about a premiere date a little bit later this year.

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