The Blacklist season 10: Will it tackle Reddington’s identity at all?

The BlacklistIn case you did not know already, The Blacklist season 10 is going to be coming on NBC in 2023 — and yes, it goes without saying we are waiting a long time for more stories.

Will we also get some key answers when the show comes back? It’s a fun thing to think about but, unfortunately, it’s also a hard thing to determine. That is especially tough when you think about Raymond Reddington’s identity.

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If you ask the majority of fans out there, this is probably the main mystery they want an answer to. Yet, some could argue that the end of season 8 is the closest thing to an answer that we’ll ever get and that this Reddington is Katarina Rostova. We’re just not altogether sure of that for a number of different reasons.

Because the show is leaving the Liz Keen storyline more or less behind at this point, it’s hard to envision this being a big focus entering season 10 — yet, there’s at least a chance for answers to come at some point. If season 10 is the final one, we could see the series finale giving at least some sort of clue, even if we don’t get full confirmation on the subject. However, if it’s not the final one, they will probably let this mystery linger as long as possible. There’s also that grim chance they never tell us anything more and, really, the identity of Reddington never mattered. We do think it’s important to informing who he is and what he’s done what he has … but it also doesn’t change his actual actions.

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Do you expect The Blacklist season 10 to tackle Reddington’s identity in some meaningful way?

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