Big Brother 24: Why we do not need returning players … at all

Big Brother 23As we get closer to the premiere of Big Brother 24that’s going to lead to the rumor mill going into overdrive about anything and everything. That includes, the course, the prospect of some returning players getting into the mix.

Before we go any further into this piece, though, we should note that there is some evidence we’re getting all-new players. The wording around the most-recent press release (the one announcing the July 6 premiere date) made us think that we are getting an all-new cast. Yet, we know that Big Brother is the sort of show that could change its mind about this stuff at just about any given moment.

For us personally, though, it’s our hope that the show continue to steer as far away from returnees as possible. Think about season 22, season 19, or season 18 — basically, most recent seasons with a returning-player component. Have any of those been altogether great? You can argue that Big Brother 14 and the original All-Stars in season 7 were entertaining, but the majority of the seasons with returnees have felt disappointing in the end. In a lot of them, opinions changed drastically of the players themselves. People playing the game a second time are jaded, and often the sap away the organic experience when paired with people playing for the first time.

There’s also another factor to consider here: Pre-game alliances or outside relationships. We don’t blame contestants for having them; it’s a part of the world now and anyone hoping that it will stop is lying to themselves. A big part of why season 22 wasn’t altogether fun was a number of houseguests new each other in advance, and many of these said houseguests all went pretty far with each other.

With all of this being said, let’s steer clear of returnees for at least a few more seasons and if there is another All-Stars, have a truly worthy cast or even a fan vote. If you want to see returning players, at least some of them are over on The Challenge USA. (Take a look at the cast list here if you haven’t seen it yet.)

You want returnees back on Big Brother anytime soon?

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