Succession season 4 premiere date: How it stacks up in HBO’s schedule

SuccessionWe know that there’s desperation out there already for a Succession season 4 premiere date … much as there should be.

However, we to have to take things from a vantage point of one step at a time, mostly because there is no reason to hurry anything along here. We gotta hear more news about production before we can REALLY get into a whole lot more in terms of when it is coming back. It’s not going to be for a good while anyway…

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The reality here, at least for now, is that there are a few shows that almost 100% will arrive on the network before Succession season 4 does. That includes of course Westworld, which is premiering a little later this month. Meanwhile, you have House of the Dragon in late August and, more than likely, The Last of Us following that given the amount of work already being done on it. (There is some scuttlebutt out there already that this show is done with production.) After all of this, maybe Succession can get closer to a date.

There are other shows that we have to consider when it comes to HBO’s schedule, and that includes the upcoming fourth season of True Detective. We tend to think personally that the Brian Cox – Jeremy Strong series would premiere before it, but that remains to be seen. Because all of the shows mentioned here are pretty A-list when it comes to their ambition, we don’t foresee the network airing them simultaneously … but we are always open to a surprise or two along the way.

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