Is iCarly new tonight on Paramount+? A look towards season 3

iCarly season 2

Is iCarly new tonight on Paramount+? Are we going to see a follow-up to the big Carly – Freddie ending last week?

We don’t think we have to tell a lot of you, but we are more excited than ever to see where things go for those two! They have known each other for such a long period of time, and the idea that Carly could be recognizing (finally!) some of her feelings is exciting.

Unfortunately, this is where we do come bearing the bad news: There is no guarantee that we’re going to be seeing some of that anytime soon … or ever. Last week was the season 2 finale on the aforementioned streaming service and at the time of this writing, there is no guarantee that we’re going to see a season 3. Paramount+ has not announced anything yet, and there’s a chance things could go either way when it comes to a renewal.

We’ll admit that for the time being, there is one thing we’re the most worried about: The fact that season 2 only had ten episodes, three less than what we saw for season 1. What gives with that? Hopefully it’s not a harbinger of bad things and that Paramount wanted less of the show. Also, we tend to get concerned about revivals a year or two into their run. At this point, nostalgia often starts to fade. We do still give iCarly credit for trying to age up with their audience without changing the characters you came to know and love years ago.

Hopefully, some more news on a potential season 3 is going to be announced in the next couple of months; if we get more episodes, odds are they will premiere next year.

What do you most want to see when it comes to an iCarly season 3?

Are you hopeful for a renewal over at Paramount+? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, be sure to stick around — there are more updates coming and we don’t want you to miss them.

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