NCIS season 20: Who could help Torres the most?

NCISAs we inch a little bit closer to NCIS season 20, it does feel clear to us that a certain Nick Torres could need a certain amount of help. Just consider what’s going on with the guy at the moment! He’s still battling his demons and why he isn’t struggling with alcohol as much, he still feels like he is isolating himself and alone.

What is he tackling? Think in terms of the issues with his father, the departure of Gibbs, and also a woman in Bishop going away who may have been the love of his life.

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We know that on some level, Dr. Grace is a character who Nick can talk through — she can serve as a friend! Yet, he also needs something more in his day-to-day life. He needs to trust those around him, especially those he is out in the field fully.

As we prepare for next season, we expect to see at least a few more bonding moments between Torres and Palmer, especially since they each have had some sort of long-term friendship already. We also think being there as an uncle for Victoria could help to stabilize him further.

Can we also see more of a bond form between Torres and Parker? We know that for us personally, this is something we’d be want to see a million times over. Parker could be more of a mentor to him, even if it’s not anywhere close to the same relationship that we saw previously with him and Gibbs. We think Alden could teach him a few things, whether it be not carrying the job around with him or how to find some escapism from the day-to-day chaos.

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What do you think will be coming for Torres moving into NCIS season 20?

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