Better Call Saul season 6 episode 8: Could Kim Wexler get arrested?

Better Call SaulIf you’ve been reading some of our Better Call Saul articles and theories for some time now, then you already know some of our fears regarding Kim Wexler. It feels clear, at least based on some of the events of Breaking Bad, that something bad happens with her. There’s a reason she is never brought up in that show, and a reason that Saul has turned off as much of his humanity as possible. It’s probably easier for him than to imagine what actually happened to this would he loved.

So what did happen with Kim? Right now, we’re thinking more in terms of an arrest than death, and there are reasons to consider this further.

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First and foremost, remember the simple fact that Howard is dead and someone has to pay for that. Jimmy is not in prison. It is easy to think that Lalo could go down for what happened, but he’s the one who has the leverage at the scene of the shooting. The murder also happened at Jimmy and Kim’s place. It’s very well possible that events could unfold in such a way where one of them ends up going down for the crime and because Kim knows she’s tougher than Jimmy, she falls on her own sword. We don’t think she would want to do this, and they’d try to exercise whatever options possible to clear her name first.

Jimmy, of course, would then feel responsible for sending the two of them down this anti-Howard path, and could be consumed with his guilt. That would cause him to lose sight of Jimmy for good … or at least until Omaha.

Could Kim turn up there? It’d come down to the length of her sentence, which may be long depending on the hypothetical case; or, if someone is able to present enough evidence to clear her name after the fact. We still believe in our heart Jimmy and Kim will reunite, and we’re not letting go of that anytime soon.

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Do you think Kim Wexler could get arrested on Better Call Saul season 6?

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