NCIS season 20: Why is Parker’s ex-wife betraying him?

NCIS, Teri PoloThere are a lot of things to ponder over as we prepare for NCIS season 20 to arrive in the fall, but why not talk about the cliffhanger? Or, to be even more specific, why not talk about the motivations at the center of it?

As of right now, Alden Parker is in big trouble — not only is he being framed, but his own ex-wife seems to be in on the plan. Why is she helping someone out to destroy him? While their marriage fell apart, it didn’t seem in the finale as though the two hated each other; so why would she be out to hurt him?

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The most obvious theory in regards to Vivian’s motive is that for whatever reason, she thinks that bringing Parker to the Raven is a move with the greater good at the center of it. She may have been convinced that whatever she is doing is actually the right thing, as crazy as that may seem upon first glance. The Raven could be a pretty influential character, and we know that she is susceptible to the paranormal or things unexplained. There could be a part of that in the pitch.

Is it possible that there’s something to Vivian that Parker never knew about, even while they were married? Sure, just as it is possible that she is also the Big Bad herself — yet, the text message at the end of the finale either suggests that she’s working for someone, or at the very least she’s got a partner.

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Why do you think Parker’s ex-wife is doing what she is as we prepare for NCIS season 20?

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