Magnum PI season 5: What can fans do amidst NBC waiting game?

Magnum PIIt’s been a handful of days now since the news first came out that Magnum PI could be saved by NBC for a season 5. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but there’s a reason for hope here that wasn’t quite present a matter of weeks ago!

We live in the culture of instant gratification so with that in mind, we understand if there is some impatience or frustration over the current state of things. Right now, talks involve studio Universal TV, NBC, potentially USA, the show’s other studio partner in CBS Studios, and potentially streaming providers. There’s a lot going on, and you can read more about the business side of things over here.

So what can you do along the way to help ensure that a season 5 happens? We’ve been asked this question a handful of times, so we thought it would be prudent to put together a list.

Stay active – This is one of the biggest things. Universal TV, CBS Studios, and the networks themselves are well aware that people want these shows on the air. They know there is passion out there. With that in mind, the next order of business is sustaining it. This process could take a while, so continuing to stay active and hopeful is imperative. Continue to use social media to have your voices heard, and keep using hashtags like #SaveMagnumPI. We tend to think public online communication is better than phone calls and private messages; there is strength in numbers, especially when it comes to a company deciding to make a large financial investment in a television show.

Stream old episodes whenever you can – We know that in a way, it sounds counterintuitive to stream Magnum PI on Paramount+ when their sister company CBS canceled it. However, that’s where the show is right now, and it needs to be seen as a popular commodity in the metrics. NBC will need to know they can make money off the series moving forward.

Show kindness – If you are tweeting or writing to some of the corporate parties involved, remember that the recipient of said message is probably not the primary decision-maker. They can pass things along, but won’t be the one to cancel the show or save it. Show them that this is a loving, caring fandom; a little bit of that goes a long way and can create a more positive vibe.

Also, be patient – We said that before, and we’ll repeat it — these negotiations take time, especially when a lot of it is geared around something like money.

What are you doing to try to make a Magnum PI season 5 happen?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, keep coming back for other updates. (Photo: CBS.)

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