‘Elementary’ spoilers: Post-Super Bowl 2013 episode promises excitement for all

ElementaryLast year NBC’s “The Voice” was the lucky show that got the coveted spot right after the Super Bowl and it turned what was really just another singing show into a smash hit with insane ratings.  This year sports fans will have a chance to check out the CBS drama “Elementary” starring Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Joan Watson.

Although the ratings for this show have been fairly steady, the procedural structure for the show (while exciting at first) has gotten a bit tired, so we were really excited that the masterminds behind the series decided to introduce a big bad named Moriarty who will be threaded throughout the series giving Holmes a real nemesis that will not only challenge him, but entertain viewers.  While the show itself is a lot of fun to watch, we were shocked that the freshman drama got a shot at the post Super Bowl slot and wondered exactly what they planned to do with this episode to hook first time viewers into the series.  Executive producer, Rob Doherty spoke to TV Guide about the new episode airing tonight and said that the goal is not only to pull in new viewers, but also to give the regular watchers something that they will enjoy too.  He said:

“The challenge with that episode is to try to craft something that’s more inclusive, something that our regular audience will enjoy, but something that will also hopefully pull in some new people.  The goal is to demonstrate what the show is and can be week in and week out and we feel like we have a good episode for those purposes.”

Originally producers were going to air the episode of “Elementary” that introduces us to “M”, but decided against it because that episode was more of a pay off for the regular viewers and new watchers wouldn’t really get the connection. So what exactly will we be watching tonight?  Looks like they will be going back to the procedural structure and we will see Holmes and Watson hunting down a highly intelligent criminal in New York.  While the procedural structure will hopefully bring in the new viewers without confusing them too much, there will still be some new discoveries about Holmes for the regular watchers. Holmes will run into a blast from his past – an FBI profile named Kathryn Drummond who he appears to have a bad relationship with, leaving Watson puzzled as to why that is.

Are you planning on watching “Elementary” tonight and if so will you be a first time watcher?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you hope to see on the show tonight.

Photo: CBS

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