iCarly season 2 finale: Miranda Cosgrove on Carly, Freddie reveal

iCarly season 2

The iCarly season 2 finale has officially come and gone on Paramount+, and it absolutely feels fair to say that it’s left us all with questions. Is the show really going to go there with Carly and Freddie in a way that they haven’t before? There have been pseudo-romantic storylines before, but her feelings weren’t fully there.

Is something different now? Well, the finale featured a huge moment when Pearl told Freddie that he and Carly are clearly in love with each other; it’s something that Miranda Cosgrove’s character may not fully realize yet, but it could be fleshed-out further over time. There is no season 3 renewal at the moment, but we do think this gives the streaming service all the reason in the world to bring the show back! How can they end it on such a note?

Speaking on all of this further to People Magazine, here is more of what Cosgrove had to say on the big moment:

“I definitely think that the Pearl character coming into the mix made Carly realize she’s been feeling things for Freddie for a long time. I don’t know if they really make that totally clear when you’re watching the show … You know that Carly’s having some kind of internal struggle, but you don’t fully understand why. So I do think that it gives the show somewhere to go for the next season.”

You can definitely make the case that this reveal is happening at 100% the right time, given that she and Freddie are older now than they were in the Nickelodeon show and there’s potential for something to be more long-lasting. They each have more gratitude for what’s actually around them, and that’s something that they can cultivate a little more over time. We don’t think the writers would rush anything on the romantic front, but season 3 could be quite the journey … at least if it happens.

What did you think about the events of the iCarly season 2 finale, especially the ending with Carly and Freddie?

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