The Mandalorian season 3 spoilers: Katee Sackhoff on Bo-Katan story

The Mandalorian season 2We heard recently that Katee Sackhoff is going to be return to The Mandalorian season 3 in the role of Bo-Katan. That’s exciting, and of course it also makes a good bit of sense. Why wouldn’t this character come back to the world? She’s got a natural history with Mando and beyond that, her character has such deep roots within the overall Star Wars mythology.

Oh, and of course the battle between Bo-Katan and Mando over the darksaber could be absolutely thrilling to watch.

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Of course, it is almost impossible to get a number of specifics on the season 3 story this far in advance — yet, Sackhoff herself has admitted that a Bo-Katan vs. Din Djarin story could be coming. Here’s what she had to say to on the subject, and it makes it seem as though she has a very meaty story in the near future:

“It sure seems that way, doesn’t it? … I think one of the coolest things about our show is how we openly accept how it takes a team to create these characters. Working with Pedro and Brendan [Wayne] and Lateef [Crowder] is, each one of the brings a different expertise to that suit as myself with all of my stunt doubles. There were no less than five women in my suit this season because everyone has a different level of expertise and it’s really important to the fans to make sure that these characters come across capable and that they come across with the right experience and it takes multiple different people to do that. Most of my days are filled with Brendan Wayne and he and I have a lot of fun together.”

So you can expect a ton of action coming up and, of course, plenty of Grogu, as well. Doesn’t it seem likely that Baby Yoda is going to have quite an important role in everything that transpires from here on out, now that he has joined back up with Mando in The Book of Boba Fett?

What do you want to see from Katee Sackhoff moving into The Mandalorian season 3?

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