‘Girls’ season 2, episode 4 review: Who’s surprised that [spoiler] ended badly?

GirlsThere are some things that are so predictable you can see them coming from miles away: “Modern Family” getting nominated for awards, fans in Baltimore picking the Ravens to win the Super Bowl, and Jessa’s relationship with Thomas-John on “Girls” going down in flames. Really, the only real surprise to us is that it took four episodes to happen. (Programming note: HBO aired “Girls” at a special time on Saturday thanks to the Super Bowl, and since we will be covering the commercials all night tomorrow, we are thus posting this review a day earlier than usual, as well.)

The way in which the relationship between these two started to deteriorate was the worst part of this episode, mostly because it was so horribly predictable: Thomas-John tried to get his new wife to cover up her sketchy past in front of his parents, and when she started to reveal her past addictions while also proclaiming that she does not believe in God, things got hairy. The best part of this was seeing the disastrous shouting match that resumed back at his place, where we learned that Jessa’s don’t care / holier-than-thou hipster personality has a limit when it comes to whether or not she will take money from someone to go away.

Speaking of hilarious moments, Elijah leaving with a whimper opened the door for the most awkward dinner party of all time featuring Hannah and some of her “friends” … meaning Charlie, his girlfriend Audrey that everyone hates, Shoshanna, Ray (who has been secretly trying to live with her), and Marnie, who was actually made at Hannah and was not expected to actually show up. This entire event turned out to be a horrific disaster, as Audrey hated the fact that Charlie tried to stand up for Marnie and left … and she’s probably going to be even more upset when she learns that Charlie kissed Marnie on the roof before she revealed her new and rather disturbing relationship.

While this episode was not the amazing and horrifying journey through drug use that we saw last week, it was still a pretty funny half-hour that really chronicled how conflict is handled by very different people. While it was made very clear that not every story deserves to be tied together with a neat little bow, seeing Jessa and Hannah end up trying to console each other in the bathtub at the end was somewhat touching in a rather weird way. Jessa has been a bit of an outcast from the group as of late thanks to her marriage, but during a tough moment she was welcomed back in almost instantly (and in a very personal way).

What did you think about this episode? If you want to read more from Lena Dunham on what is coming up, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: HBO

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