The Blacklist season 10: Who will be the new Big Bad?

The BlacklistAs we prepare ourselves now for The Blacklist season 10, we do at least know the basic premise. Moving forward, we are going to see a number of criminals from the past surface to get revenge on Raymond Reddington. They’ve all learned at this point that he was the Criminal Informant who sold them out to the Task Force and now, you better believe James Spader’s character is in some trouble.

Even with that said, there are still some larger things to think about here. Take, for example, if there will be a metaphorical ringmaster leading the way. Who can or should be feared the most at the moment?

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We know that the easy assumption to make will be that Wujing is the new central enemy, given that he was the one Marvin gave the list to at the end of the finale. We’re not prepared to say that as of yet. Even though the character will clearly be responsible for spreading this around, he may not want to be leader. Someone else could lead the way there.

Is it possible that the Big Bad, like with Marvin, is someone we’ve met before and already known for years? Absolutely it is, but it is also equally possible that it’s someone brand-new. There are some higher-level names on the Blacklist we still haven’t met and as so many of you out there know, we are 100% obsessed with learning who is #2 in between Katarina Rostova (the fake one) and Elizabeth Keen.

Alas, we’ll be waiting a long time to get some more details; season 10 is not set to air until early 2023.

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Who do you think is going to be the Big Bad on The Blacklist season 10?

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