Yellowjackets season 2: Have the initial plans changed in some way?

Yellowjackets season 1Even though Yellowjackets season 2 doesn’t premiere for some time, just know that there’s a lot of love and care being put into what lies ahead. The writers have a clear path for what lies ahead, but they’ve also been smart to leave said path reasonably flexible. What you see in season 2 is not necessarily the same thing that was once conceived years ago and in our mind, that is a good thing.

There are shows that sometimes suffer from having an original idea and don’t listen to the evolution of the story or the feelings of the fans. How I Met Your Mother is a great example of that. You don’t want to cater just to what people want, but you have to recognize that things can change over time and that’s okay.

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In speaking about all of this idea further to IndieWire, executive producer Ashley Lyle did a great job putting so much of it in perspective:

On the one hand, of course it shifts and changes. It evolves because of casting and all your collaborators and the writers in the room. You’re always trying to beat your original idea. Certain things have changed. Certain things did say the same. I think even in our very first pitch, we pitched the very end of Season 1 exactly as we shot it. Ultimately, I do feel like we made exactly the show that we set out to make in terms of just the tone and the weirdness of it. That is something I’m very proud of. In part, you have to be flexible. If you go in with a very set, concrete vision, you’re ultimately going to be disappointed or you’re going to get in your own way. You have to leave room for things to change or things to get better. We always try to stay flexible, but I think that having a goal and having touch points that we know we want to hit has been really helpful.

One of the funniest things about all of this is that more than likely, we won’t even know what some of the changes are to the story as they happen. No one may come up and speak to that after the fact. We’re just glad there’s a constant degree of thinking and plotting behind the scenes, and we’re ready to check out season 2 whenever it does premiere.

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